Convention  is an annual meeting of AEPi. At Convention, there is Leadership School, Supreme Council and Convention Banquet. Overall it's a great event to learn, to network and to have fun.

The Supreme Council is the business part of Convention. Think of it as the annual shareholder meeting and YOU are an owner of the business. During this annual business meeting of Alpha Epsilon Pi, we conduct the Fraternity's most important business, including:

  1. Reports of Officers to inform Brothers of the progress and vision of the Supreme Board of Governors
  2. Old and New Business to discuss and vote on Fraternity policy and initiatives
  3. Election of Officers to determine the leadership for the upcoming year

Convention Delegates with voting privileges

Only certain Convention Delegates have voting privileges to adopt policies and elect officers. These Brothers generally represent chapters, regions or are otherwise appointed by the Brotherhood.

  1. Chief Delegates (a single representative, generally Chapter Master, that votes on behalf of their Chapter)
  2. Regional Governors
  3. Supreme Board Members
  4. Past Supreme Masters
  5. Fiscal Control Board Members
  6. Executive Vice President Emeritus (Past Executive Directors)


At Supreme Council, Chief Delegates represent their Chapter and therefore, collectively, the Undergraduate Brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi.

The main responsibility of the Chief Delegates is to vote on policy proposals and to elect the SBG.

This year, at Supreme Council, the Convention Delegates will be voting on at least two Amendments to the Supreme Constitution.


AEPi's senior leadership is called the Supreme Board of Governors

(think E-Board for the entire International Fraternity)


They create International Fraternity committees and policy


They hold our Executive Staff, who are paid AEPi employees, responsible for the business of opening chapters, consulting, insurance coverage, etc.

 They are unpaid volunteers who devote their time to fulfill the AEPi's obligations to all levels of brotherhood. 

They are unpaid volunteers who devote their time to fulfill the AEPi's obligations to all levels of brotherhood. 

They conduct the business and affairs of the International Fraternity

The Supreme Board of Governors has 11 seats. Each Seat has different requirements to be elected.

  1. Immediate Past Supreme Master
  2. Supreme Master
  3. Supreme Master Elect - requires 6 years a brother and3 years on SBG
  4. Supreme Scribe* - requires 6 years a brother and 1 year on SBG
  5. Supreme Exchequer* - requires 6 years a brother and 1 year on SBG
  6. Supreme Sentinel* - requires 6 years a brother and 1 years on SBG
  7. Three Supreme Governors - requires 5 years a Brother
  8. Two Undergraduate Supreme Governors (USG) - Requires a brother to be an undergraduate for one year

*These seats would be affected by Amendment 1.


The Nominating Committee is a "standing committee" outlined and required by the Constitution. 

The Nominating Committee accepts nominations, evaluates candidates and submits its recommendations to be voted upon by the Supreme Council. This is known as the "Slate".

Brothers may run against the "Slate" if they submit a petition for their candidacy signed by 25 Brothers in good-standing. This is known as "running from the floor."

Currently the Nominating Committee consists of the following members:

  1. Immediate Past Supreme Member (PSM)
  2. Chairman of the Fiscal Control Board (FCB)
  3. SBG Member (traditionally, the Supreme Master Elect)
  4. Alumnus Brother: past SBG member, past Staff member, past or current Regional Governor (RG)
  5. Brother: past SBG member, past Staff member, past or current Regional Governor (RG)
  6. Undergraduate Supreme GovernorNON-VOTING MEMBER


The Fiscal Control Board (FCB) is a "standing committee" outlined and required by the Constitution to "establish and supervise all financial policies of the International Fraternity."

FCB members must have served either as a member of the Supreme Board of Governors for six (6) years or as a Past Supreme Master.

FCB Members elected by the Supreme Board of Governors serve for three (3) year terms. Members may serve no more than three (3) consecutive full three-year terms shall not be eligible for re-election to the Fiscal Control Board until after the lapse of one (1) year.

The FCB shall elect its own Chairman, Vice Chairman and such other officers as it deems necessary.

Currently the FCB Chairman also has one of the five seats on the Nominating Committee* and one of three seats on the Personnel Practice Committee.

*Amendment 2 would remove the FCB Chairman from the Nominating Committee.

What is a Regional Governor?

Supreme Constitution - Section 8. Regional Governors (RG)

(a) Each Regional Governor shall have been, at the time of his appointment as such, a member of the Fraternity for at least three years.

(b) The Regional Governor, in each respective region, shall be charged with the following duties:

  1. Regular visitation and inspection of chapters and chapter houses;
  2. Supervision of activities of chapter supervisors and through the chapter supervisors, the supervision and direction of activities of the individual chapters
  3. Participation and direction of annual regional conclaves of chapters and alumni clubs;
  4. To encourage the authorization of alumni clubs and their participation in all Fraternity activities;
  5. Such other duties as may be assigned by the Supreme Master and the Supreme Board of Governors.