Attention: Convention Delegates

Shape the Future leadership of Alpha Epsilon Pi

Vote for the Amendments below on Aug. 4



Amendment 1: Expand Eligibility Requirements For SBG

Key Takeaways:

  • Creates another pathway to Board service for veteran Regional Governors.
  • Provides check-and-balance to the Nominating Committee to ensure "Slate" has popular support.
  • Encourages candidates to communicate with stakeholders, articulate vision and demonstrate a record of service and performance.


Amendment 2: Reform the Nominating Committee

Key Takeaways:

  • Broadens and diversifies the pool of candidates being considered
  • Implements term limits to ensure inclusiveness and reduce group-think and self affirmation
  • Provides Undergraduates with meaningful representation and buy in to the process

Amendment Procedures

The Amendments above were submitted to the Supreme Board of Governors (SBG) and the Constitution Committee and distributed to all of the Regional Governors ahead of the April SBG Meeting. 

Each Amendment will be considered and voted on separately by the Supreme Council at the 104th Anniversary International Convention in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 4, 2017. 

Amendment 1 will be considered and voted on by the 2017 Supreme Council prior to, and in order to take full force and effect with regards to, the election of the Supreme Board of Governors. For avoidance of doubt, the election of the Supreme Scribe, Supreme Exchequer and Supreme Sentinel at the 2017 Supreme Council would be subject to the terms of Amendment 1 contained herein.

Note: A Constitutional amendment requires 2/3 vote. (Supreme Constitution Article XIII Section 1).